What is ClO2

Chlorine Dioxide is a chemical compound made up of one atom of chlorine and two atoms of oxygen.

Do not confuse it with typical household chlorine that you may have used in the past as “chlorine bleach.” Chlorine dioxide is actually an oxidizing agent, not a chlorinating agent. Used in your home or business, we produce a gas that penetrates the cell walls of mold causing bacteria and kills it.

Chlorine dioxide treatment has been extensively tested and approved for use by the Environmental Protection Agency and World Health Organization. It is used by more than 400 municipal water treatment plants throughout the United States and over 1000 in Europe.

ClO2 is an extremely effective disinfectant that rapidly kills bacteria, viruses, and Giardia. It controls algae and neutralizes mold. This means that the mold causing bacteria that lingers after cleaning up a broken water heater or pipe, or a more significant flood situation, can be fully eradicated with ClO2 treatment.

Mold created by water leaks and even flooding is effectively eliminated by chlorine dioxide. Since it is a gas, the ClO2 molecules can penetrate floor materials and drywall to kill mold spores. This can save thousands of dollars in renovation expense when trying to eliminate mold in a home or office.

What has made chlorine dioxide readily available and safe for home use is the result of a newly patented process that was approved in 2011. This revolutionary process allows us to produce a ClO2 tablet that dissolves in water to produce the gas that destroys odor and mold molecules. This tablet method produces a 12% concentration of the gas, which is safe for use in all applications where humans, pets, and plants are present.


How Is ClO2 Used?

While this tablet form of the concentrated compound has greatly improved the safe handling of ClO2, it is not an “over the counter” product. Proper training and safety precautions must be taken when using ClO2. These include sealing off the room(s) where the gas is to be used, wearing of proper safety gear by the operator, and making certain people and pets are not in the area where the application is being made.

A patented agitation pump and process are used to create and distribute the gas into the area being treated. A formula based on the size of the space and specific spores being treated is used to determine how many treatment units are to be employed and the length of time the treatment should take.

Each of the technicians that we have here at Mold Removal NM has received extensive training in both product handling safety and determination of the correct amount of ClO2 to be introduced for a specific job.


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