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Need Odor Removal and Odor Elimination Albuquerque New Mexico? Strange, unpleasant odors in your home are not only embarrassing, they can be the sign of dangerous bacteria and other potentially harmful elements that have infiltrated the air or embedded themselves somewhere in your home. You have tried scrubbing, scraping and spraying deodorizing agents in your home to no avail. Your attempts fail and  the stink remains

Don’t despair. Odor Eliminators of NM, a company known for removing odor and odor elimination in  Albuquerque New Mexico can come to your aid and rid your home of the most obnoxious odors in 24 hours. Our service area includes:

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You may have tried every known concoction on the Big Box shelves, but nothing compares to the amazing CLO2 or Chlorine Dioxide process. This combination of elements was discovered over 200 years ago, but was not fully utilized until recently when our company took part in the developed of a safe, efficient method of applying CLO2.

That is the product and system we use to Remove Odor and Odor Elimination in Albuquerque New Mexico and the encompassing region. This amazing proprietary process converts the chlorine and oxygen elements into a safe  gaseous cloud that travels through the house, office, shop searching for the source of your odor

Quite often it is the noxious dry minute particles of old residua tobacco and cigarette smoke that has worked its way into your carpeting, drapes, woodwork, panelling, closets and clothing.  These odors are particularly difficult for former smokers or asthmatic individuals. They can also be odors from your pets or the unmistakably pungent odor of skunk or a cat litter box.

Mildew and mold that has formed and grown over time, in dark corners of  basements or attics can be the culprit. No matter the source, our exclusive Chlorine Dioxide  process eliminates all traces of airborne and embossed pathogens that have penetrated the recesses and structure of your home.  

Take a note of this: Unlike other so called remedies, CLO2 PERMANENTLY eliminates odors, germs  and pathogens never to return.

Healthy Happy Homes

A home that has been treated with Chlorine Dioxide is a healthy home. Kids and elderly, especially those with asthma and other pulmonary problems can get relief from all those annoying things that bring on sniffles, eye irritation, scratchy throat, red eyes  and teary eyes while reduce the chances of colds, flu and other transferable diseases.

There are numerous reasons why and places where odors and allergens can grow and spread.  Often, horrible odors appear because a varmint who somehow died after chewing his way between your walls or ceiling. After a few days, it’s decomposing body begins to smell like a wartime latrine.  In most cases, before CLO2 came about, the only way to remove the deceased critter was to remove a portion of the wall.  If this sounds expensive or seems overwhelming, it usually is.  you will be surprised at how affordable our services can be.

To get started with Odor Elimination you have a couple of options.

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If you want us to eliminate any odors we find, we can do it.

If you prefer for us to simply locate it and let you decide how or if you want to deal with it, that’s OK too.

When you decide to do the right thing,  leave the  rest to us. We will  Remove Odors and Eliminate odors in your  Albuquerque New Mexico home. I

Our crews will be in and out of your home and take your worst odors with them. From start to finish, most jobs are completed  and all odors removed within 24 hours or less, at which time your odors are gone, the air is fresh, the germs are gone and you and your family can live healthy and happy once again.  It’s absolutely true. You will love the results.

Our company has been in the cleaning services industry for almost a quarter century. The business has grown dramatically since we adapted our methods to include the CLO2  process.  This was one of  the most important decision of our business lives and we are certainly glad we discovered the all around benefits of this magical sanitizing and cleaning system. You will feel that way too when your life begins smelling like roses, not garbage.No germs, allergens, pollen. Wow!

Since our beginning, we have stood by our commitment to full customer satisfaction.   We learned that our commitment is to and for our customers. Our job is to do our very best to satisfy our customers because Our customers have the final say in the matter. “It’s not clean until you say it is. We want you to be 100 percent satisfied with the cleaning power and effectiveness of CLO2 for both Removing Odors and Complete Odor Elimination in Albuquerque New Mexico or in your home town.


Odor Eliminators New Mexico recently joined forces with  Blue Sky Restoration. Our company has helped thousands of New Mexico homeowners, property managers, commercial building owners, and others clean and sanitize their buildings often after seemingly disastrous like fires, flood and other such tragedies events like fires and other calamities.

Much of our success is due to the efforts of our well trained technicians who are totally familiar with every phase of our operation. They too are committed  to our guarantee of total customer satisfaction.


If you are an individual attempting to sell your own house or a Real Estate Professional, our incredible CLO2 system quickly and economically  Removes Odors and provides permanent  Odor Elimination in Albuquerque New Mexico.

One of the major challenge anyone selling a house faces is selling one that has been totally emerged and plagued with horrible odors that just won’t go away. The smell could be ages old smoke from cigarettes or newer odors like cannabis or extreme spices like curry. Whatever methods that were used in the past can’t remotely compare to Chlorine Dioxide. Unlike the old methods like ozone, CLO2 is a super permanent odor killer and  eliminator of the most offensive odors. Call us now and we will have your home smelling fresh and ready for showing. For all your Odor Removal and Odor Elimination needs in Albuquerque New Mexico call us today  505-207-0221.


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